Range Rover Sport – Born to be Driven to the Extreme

Posted on Thu 13th Jul 2017 at 10:53

As Range Rover says, their Sport model is born to be driven, and we couldn’t agree more! Boasting a powerful engine capable of a top speed of up to 115mph, this versatile SUV is agile, dynamic and extremely capable on the road; an ideal choice for a Range Rover rental car in the UK.

SAThose who have sat behind the wheel cannot argue with the effortless handling Range Rover has achieved. Its un-rivalled all terrain performance takes on even the most challenging journey whilst still offering luxury refinement, impressive comfort features and the latest technology.

For Range Rover enthusiasts who need to navigate tricky hill descents then this is the car for you. Land Rover’s patented Hill Decent Control (HDC) helps drivers with controlled descents and difficult slopes by achieving a constant speed and applying the brakes separately to each wheel. The clever system is automatic and slows the vehicle to maintain a desirable speed. And to ensure you don’t roll backwards Hill Start Assist (HSA) is on hand as you pull away on an incline. Pretty cool stuff from Land Rover.

All vehicles at Land Rover go through rigorous testing so the SUV can manage winds up to 110mph, temperatures ranging from -40°c to 50°c both in their test rig at HQ in addition to remote environments including the ice fields of Arjeplog, Sweden and the unforgiving sands of Dubai. We are confident most drivers won’t need to drive in such extremes, but it’s good to know this model is tough and can handle demanding conditions it might need to endure.

If you are looking to hire or rent a Range Rover Sport SUV in the UK, call us on 0207 118 2244 today.


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